Name: BVZ0071-GC36-SolarCalcV1
Name: BVZ0076/77 GC36
Description: Growth conditions for BVZ0076/77
Name: CH02-Conditions-ALL
Description: Full conditions graph for growth Chamber 02
Name: CH03 Conditions ALL
Description: Daily conditions graph for Chamber 03
Name: CH04-Conditions-ALL
Description: Daily conditions graph for GC04
Name: CH05-Conditions-ALL
Description: Links to: phenocam\largedata...\a_data\_webroot\NCRIS-Chambers\chamber_logs\CH05-COND-LOG.csv
Name: CH36-Conditions-ALL
Description: CH36-ALL
Name: CH37 Conviron Conditions ALL
Description: Realtime graph from CH37 conviron logging
Name: GC03-am2302-alltime
Name: GC03-am2302-daily
Name: GC04-am2302-lastday
Name: GC05 - Conditions - BVZ0075
Name: GC05-am2302 Temperature & Humidity
Description: Growth Chamber 05 has an am2302 temperature and humidy sensor in it connected to the raspberry pi. The data is uploaded here every 60s. This is the dataset for all time, and hence the files could get pretty large.
Name: GC35-Conditions-ALL
Description: daily combined conditions graph for GC35
Name: National Arboretum ANU Forest Weather Station Node1
Description: Campbell weather station at ANU forest in the National Arboretum, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Name: Water Content Array Daily Avg - DEMO
Description: Demo data from the NCRIS Water Content Array